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Trailer Tips - Page 1

Trailer Tie-Down Tips

Ratchet Straps and Tie-Down Tips

Whether you’re hauling a snowmobile, ATV, tractor, classic car, or off-road vehicle, you want to make sure it arrives at your destination safe and sound. These load-securing tie-down tips will help you protect your cargo and yourself when you hit the road together.

5 Tips for Loading Your Trailer

If you're like most people, you probably use your trailer to haul all sorts of things – from ATVs and snowmobiles, to lumber and construction materials. What is important to remember is that you don't load it the right way, you could end up damaging your equipment or even compromising your safety. Here are five tips to help you load your trailer the right way.

Top Outdoor Destinations to Visit This Winter

This winter will be the perfect opportunity to have that staycation you’ve always dreamed about, to stick close to home and enjoy the beauty your own backyard has to offer. With snow and freezing temperatures come exciting outdoor adventures and activities the whole family can enjoy. So bundle up and make warm and lasting memories, without travelling too far from home. We’ve put together a small list of great outdoor destinations – but there are so many to choose from!

Trailering 'Rules of the Road' Updated

There are a wide variety of trailer regulations imposed across Canada - these regulations cover everything from annual inspections, to dimensions, to brake requirements.  Your trailer my conform to your province’s regulations, but what happens when you travel into another province?

What is the NATM?

Before I started working at Flaman, I had never given much thought to trailer safety. I certainly had never heard of the NATM or what they did.

Picking a Sled Trailer part 2

Part 2 of Steve's Sled Trailer guide. To see part 1 which focuses on steel vs. aluminum click here

Picking a Sled Trailer part 1

I grew up in the small northern mining town of Thompson, Manitoba. We were a family of sledders, four of us, but at times we had upwards of six sleds.

Trailtech Multideck: The solution to almost all of your problems.

So imagine this. You've got a weekend warrior that you run at the track, and you need a lowboy trailer to throw your high horsepower car on top of.

How to Choose Which Trailer to Buy

I have been in the trailer industry for a long time: 3 years as a marketing consultant to the industry, 6 years as General Manager of a trailer manufacturer and 4 years running retail dealerships. Despite all this experience, I still get overwhelmed by the diversity of choice offered to a customer in today’s market place. 

So many Sled Trailers but what should you choose?

This season the diversity of choice for a sled trailer can be daunting. There are many brands, different dealers, options and types to choose from.