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Trailering 'Rules of the Road' Updated

There are a wide variety of trailer regulations imposed across Canada - these regulations cover everything from annual inspections, to dimensions, to brake requirements.  Your trailer my conform to your province’s regulations, but what happens when you travel into another province?
You may be completely law-abiding in your province, then travel into the neighboring one and find-out an inspection is required the instant you enter the other jurisdiction.  Or maybe your trailer is fine, but now since  you have attached a trailer to your truck, the truck now requires an inspection.  Or maybe the load this time is heavier than last time, so last time you were OK in the next jurisdiction but this time you are not.
Flaman Trailers has grown to become North America’s largest trailer retailer.  This growth is in part due to, and brings with it a responsibility to be aware of the various provincial regulations regarding trailers.
So, Flaman Trailers VP – Steve Whittington created a “Rules of the Road” presentation to address these issues.   This presentation was first conducted at NATDA (North American Trailer Dealers Association) in 2012 and has been updated to 2016 regulations
“Rules of the Road” is available for free download here
If you have any questions or concerns about trailering, we are happy to help!