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Steve Whittington - Page 1

 Steve Whittington I am originally from Thompson, Manitoba and now live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I am an avid mountain climber having climbed 40 mountains including four of the seven summits of the world, such as Mt. Kilimanjaro and Denali. I most recently lead a team to climb to the, so far, unreached peak of Mount Saskatchewan in the Yukon and will be leading a team to climb Everest in April, 2013. In preparation for a climb I undertake intensive workout regimens and follow strict diets to prepare myself for the rigours of being on a mountain. Between climbs I have a more relaxed workout to maintain my general health and that I can fit into my busy schedule as Flaman’s VP of marketing.

The 2017 Trailer Divison Meeting

Every year the Flaman Trailer Division gather to enhance our product knowledge and customer processes

All-Sport Trailers

If you have been in the trailer industry as long as I have,you can reflect on trends and the evolution of a product. One product I believe that has been evolving quickly is the enclosed all sport trailer.

Why built in Canada still matters

I was at our Nisku location and I was leaving the dealership walking through the lot headed home for the weekend. I walked past a Trailtech TD 210 that had a few modified options on it.

Semi Flatbed Trailers, Stock Trailers, and Level loading Trailers. All new this year at Flaman Trailers

Every year we have Trailer Division training in February and every year we find new products to bring to you our customers.  Organizing the event this year I surprised at the logistics required to make this happen.

Picking a Sled Trailer part 2

Part 2 of Steve's Sled Trailer guide. To see part 1 which focuses on steel vs. aluminum click here

Picking a Sled Trailer part 1

I grew up in the small northern mining town of Thompson, Manitoba. We were a family of sledders, four of us, but at times we had upwards of six sleds.

Sourcing new trailers at NATDA 2013

I landed in St. Louis at 11:30 pm Wednesday the day before the North American Trailer Dealer Association Tradeshow started. I have been making the pilgrimage to NATDA for that last five years.

What's New With Diamond C

What's New With Diamond C Podcast

Trailer Division Meeting at Wells Cargo a success

On Thursday February 7 the Flaman Trailers division team toured the Wells Cargo plant in Ogden, Utah.

Winter is Coming Snowmobile Trailer Sale

The end of September is close, and every year at Flaman Trailers we review excess stock we have from the previous year and discount our snowmobile trailers.