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Blog Archive - October 2013

Aluma Trailers Podcast

In this episode we hear from Mike Lloyd, President of Aluma, CFO of Kay Corporation and President of NATM (National Association of Trailer Manufacturers.

Sled N Snap Photo Contest turns international

The Sled’N Snap photo contest has launched for its third year and we’re excited to showcase a brand new website! This site will make it even easier for people to share, view and comment on each other’s photos.

Everest Edition trailer celebrates Flaman manager's summit

Standing at 28,700 feet above sea level, the crisp mountain air whipping around him, the first rays of morning sunlight glittering on the untouched snow ahead of him, Steve Whittington, Saskatoon mountaineer and Flaman Trailers division manager, took his final steps onto the South Summit as the top of Mount Everest exploded into view.

NATDA Podcast

In this Episode we are joined by the President of the North American Dealer Association(NATDA) Andy Ackerman