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Blog Archive - January 2021

Top Outdoor Destinations to Visit This Winter

This winter will be the perfect opportunity to have that staycation you’ve always dreamed about, to stick close to home and enjoy the beauty your own backyard has to offer. With snow and freezing temperatures come exciting outdoor adventures and activities the whole family can enjoy. So bundle up and make warm and lasting memories, without travelling too far from home. We’ve put together a small list of great outdoor destinations – but there are so many to choose from!

Safety First! A few helpful tips to prepare for a safe sledding trip in Canada

Flaman Trailers has put together a few helpful tips to remember before you head out on your big snowmobile trip to the Canadian Rockies (or wherever you’re going in the Great White North). Things like inspecting your trailer, remembering ramp jacks, properly (and securely) positioning your sleds and more.