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 Jennifer Thompson

Jennifer Thompson is a marketer and mom who lives in Ontario. She loves writing, telling stories and using content to help reach other people who may be wondering about fitness and health. She’s happy to share her experiences as a regular person trying to navigate her own fitness journey. Whether it’s finding time to work out and be active while balancing work and family, eating better or even experimenting with new fitness technology, Jennifer hopes to share insight that others find useful. She feels strongly that the products and services Flaman Fitness offers can help offers meet their health and fitness goals.

Top Outdoor Destinations to Visit This Winter

This winter will be the perfect opportunity to have that staycation you’ve always dreamed about, to stick close to home and enjoy the beauty your own backyard has to offer. With snow and freezing temperatures come exciting outdoor adventures and activities the whole family can enjoy. So bundle up and make warm and lasting memories, without travelling too far from home. We’ve put together a small list of great outdoor destinations – but there are so many to choose from!

Sled N Snap Photo Contest turns international

The Sled’N Snap photo contest has launched for its third year and we’re excited to showcase a brand new website! This site will make it even easier for people to share, view and comment on each other’s photos.

Everest Edition trailer celebrates Flaman manager's summit

Standing at 28,700 feet above sea level, the crisp mountain air whipping around him, the first rays of morning sunlight glittering on the untouched snow ahead of him, Steve Whittington, Saskatoon mountaineer and Flaman Trailers division manager, took his final steps onto the South Summit as the top of Mount Everest exploded into view.

Flaman named Top 100 Company

Flaman Group of Companies is proud to announce that we have been named #49 on Saskatchewan’s Top 100 Companies List for 2013.

Sled'N Snap Calendars have arrived!

Now you can relive your favourite snowmobiling memories all year round with the new Sled’N Snap calendar, available from Flaman.

Congrats to our Sled'N Snap winners!

It may be summer, but there are a few people who are getting excited about snowmobiling next winter. Gerald Serson of Regina recently traveled to Saskatoon to pick up his grand prize from our Sled’N Snap Photo Contest. He won the use of an enclosed snowmobile trailer for a year! 

New photo contest created for local snowmobilers

A new website has been created to get the message out about safe sledding to local snowmobilers.

Flaman Trailers takes to the road!

At Flaman Trailers, we’re dedicated to customer service. So much so, that if you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you!

Flaman Trailers in Siberia

No, we’re not opening a new Flaman Trailers location in Siberia. But an interesting story unfolded this past March where trailers purchased from Flaman Trailers in Nisku played a background, but important, role in taking some special guests to the northern Russian region. 

Frank Flaman's generosity continues with Haiti donation

One year after a devastating earthquake struck the capital of Haiti, Frank Flaman has once again generously given half a million dollars to support the relief effort.