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Blog Archive - December 2020

Upgrading Your Trailer: 6 Parts & Accessories You Didn’t Know Flaman Carries

For the past 30 years, the name Flaman has become synonymous with “trailers” across Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba and for good reason. We are the largest trailer dealership network in Western Canada after all.

But we do more than just sell the trailers themselves. Flaman carries a full lineup of trailer parts and accessories. And we also have a full-service shop capable of repairing, maintaining, and upgrading your trailer. We decided to put together a list of just a few parts, accessories and services we offer that you may not have thought about when you purchased your trailer, or possibly ones that you should consider for your next trailer purchase.

Hitting the Road: Which Sled Trailer is Right for You?

The winter of 2020/2021 is shaping up to be a great year for sledding. A huge dump of snow across much of the prairies in early November coupled with a global pandemic keeping people at home is the perfect recipe for spending quality time on some fresh powder.

There’s a lot that goes into buying a snowmobile trailer. We’ve talked about it before, but some of the big considerations include choosing between an open vs. enclosed trailer, steel vs. aluminum frame and heated vs. not. A lot of your decision-making will likely come down to budget, storage requirements, your vehicle’s towing capacity and where/how much you’ll use the trailer. If you’re looking for customization, our parts & service team can help you upgrade your trailer to fit your lifestyle.