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Helping Aluminum Live Up to Its Promise.

If you’re considering buying an aluminum-frame trailer, there’s a good chance its rust-resistance weighed into your decision. That quality yields a lot of desirable benefits, including longevity, like-new looks and higher resale value. Here are three tips for keeping all the above-mentioned aluminum trailer benefits for a long, enjoyable time.

Aluminum vs. Steel-Frame Trailers. What You Should Know.

The debate started in the 1970s, when aluminum trailers entered a market entirely owned by steel. Half a decade later, neither option has made the other obsolete. That’s because there is no best trailer choice for everyone, but there is a best trailer option for you.

Heavy Duty Hauling Parts and Accessories

Have a tractor, skid steer, mini excavator, or heavy materials to move? Flaman has the flat deck or dump trailer to put under your load, but we also carry the parts and accessories to keep it securely in place.

Utility Trailers: A Low-Cost, Year-Long Investment

Have you been thinking about buying a new utility trailer and wondering when the best time to purchase is? The answer is right now.

There is a reason why utility trailers show up in the parking lot of large box stores just before the snow melts. As the seasons change and spring is right around the corner, naturally we start to think about all the things we need to do once the snow goes away and we can spend more time outside.

What makes Diamond C Trailers different? | Flaman Trailers

Diamond C Trailers is a family-owned and operated trailer manufacturer located in Mt. Pleasant, Texas and has been manufacturing high quality trailers for 35 years. Flaman's Diamond C lineup includes utility trailers, hydraulic dump trailers and equipment and machinery flat deck trailers. But what makes Diamond C’s trailers different?

The 2017 Trailer Divison Meeting

Every year the Flaman Trailer Division gather to enhance our product knowledge and customer processes

Why built in Canada still matters

I was at our Nisku location and I was leaving the dealership walking through the lot headed home for the weekend. I walked past a Trailtech TD 210 that had a few modified options on it.

Sourcing new trailers at NATDA 2013

I landed in St. Louis at 11:30 pm Wednesday the day before the North American Trailer Dealer Association Tradeshow started. I have been making the pilgrimage to NATDA for that last five years.

Trailer Division Meeting at Wells Cargo a success

On Thursday February 7 the Flaman Trailers division team toured the Wells Cargo plant in Ogden, Utah.

Winter is Coming Snowmobile Trailer Sale

The end of September is close, and every year at Flaman Trailers we review excess stock we have from the previous year and discount our snowmobile trailers.