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Utility Trailers: A Low-Cost, Year-Long Investment

Have you been thinking about buying a new utility trailer and wondering when the best time to purchase is? The answer is right now.

There is a reason why utility trailers show up in the parking lot of large box stores just before the snow melts. As the seasons change and spring is right around the corner, naturally we start to think about all the things we need to do once the snow goes away and we can spend more time outside.

Spring is the time that new trailer inventory starts to arrive, and the in-season deals take effect. The main benefit to purchasing a utility trailer right now is that you can guarantee you will have one throughout the busy spring and summer seasons when you are outside the most.

To be honest, there is never really a bad time to purchase a lightweight utility trailer. Given the versatility and low cost, in comparison to other types of trailers, utility trailers can be seen at the best bang for your buck given the amount of days throughout the year you can put them to use. Below is a list of what you may find yourself doing with your new utility trailer season by season:


  • Cashing in on your overflowing recycling at Sarcan
  • Hauling away garbage that piled up in the garage over winter
  • Cleaning up any visible yard refuse now that the snow has melted
  • Hauling the snowmobiles away for summer storage
  • Pulling out the golf cart, motorcycles, and ATVs for the season
  • Taking the garden tractor or zero turn lawn mower in for annual service


  • Transporting lumber and supplies for summer projects like building a deck or raised garden boxes & flower beds
  • Hauling things to and from the lake or cabin
  • Taking the golf cart, ATVs, or motorcycles out for the days you’ve spent all winter dreaming about
  • Supporting local bottle drives for the kids’ sport’s teams
  • Hauling firewood and other yard material such as dirt or gravel


  • Cleaning up leaves, lawn clippings, and branches in the yard before winter
  • Hunting trips
  • Putting the ATVs away for the winter and pulling the snowmobiles out
  • Helping your kids move out or parents move in


  • Moving the ice fishing shack around
  • Easily transporting your snowblower or quad with a blade
  • Hauling the snowmobiles around

Be confident that any season really is a good time to buy a new utility trailer from Flaman, as it is an investment that you can use year-round. The best deal and selections are being offered right now as new models are landing weekly. Why wait?

It is important to remember that even with utility trailers, you get what you pay for. The best price does not always reflect the best deal. When you buy from Flaman:

  • You’ll be looked after by a knowledgeable industry expert.
  • You’ll have access to heavier duty, better built, and higher quality trailers that are built to last.
  • You’ll be supported by a qualified service department with after-sales support and an abundance of stocked parts.

If you are interested in purchasing a steel or aluminum utility trailer, give us a call or talk to one of our Trailer specialists at your nearest Flaman location.