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Get Out and Enjoy Winter Part 4 - Fun

Part 4: Fun! The exercise and enjoyment of outdoor winter frolics do more than make you feel younger. They can actually add quality years to your life.

Get Out and Enjoy Winter Part 3 - Safety

Part 3: Safety. Snow, cold, ice and less daylight may make winter activity hazardous, but these tips keep its benefits within safe reach.

Get Out and Enjoy Winter Part 2 - Benefits

Part 2: Benefits. Discover the scientifically proven rewards of getting outdoors this winter. Whether you’re on a leisurely nature walk or a serious run, you’ll do yourself plenty of good.

Get Out and Enjoy Winter Part 1 - Appreciation

Part 1: Appreciation. Dread of winter can imprison us in our own homes for months, spurring many mental and physical ailments. See how citizens of other cold climate countries are breaking out and escaping the winter blues.

Utility Trailers: A Low-Cost, Year-Long Investment

Have you been thinking about buying a new utility trailer and wondering when the best time to purchase is? The answer is right now.

There is a reason why utility trailers show up in the parking lot of large box stores just before the snow melts. As the seasons change and spring is right around the corner, naturally we start to think about all the things we need to do once the snow goes away and we can spend more time outside.

Top Outdoor Destinations to Visit This Winter

This winter will be the perfect opportunity to have that staycation you’ve always dreamed about, to stick close to home and enjoy the beauty your own backyard has to offer. With snow and freezing temperatures come exciting outdoor adventures and activities the whole family can enjoy. So bundle up and make warm and lasting memories, without travelling too far from home. We’ve put together a small list of great outdoor destinations – but there are so many to choose from!

Safety First! A few helpful tips to prepare for a safe sledding trip in Canada

Flaman Trailers has put together a few helpful tips to remember before you head out on your big snowmobile trip to the Canadian Rockies (or wherever you’re going in the Great White North). Things like inspecting your trailer, remembering ramp jacks, properly (and securely) positioning your sleds and more.

Upgrading Your Trailer: 6 Parts & Accessories You Didn’t Know Flaman Carries

For the past 30 years, the name Flaman has become synonymous with “trailers” across Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba and for good reason. We are the largest trailer dealership network in Western Canada after all.

But we do more than just sell the trailers themselves. Flaman carries a full lineup of trailer parts and accessories. And we also have a full-service shop capable of repairing, maintaining, and upgrading your trailer. We decided to put together a list of just a few parts, accessories and services we offer that you may not have thought about when you purchased your trailer, or possibly ones that you should consider for your next trailer purchase.

Hitting the Road: Which Sled Trailer is Right for You?

The winter of 2020/2021 is shaping up to be a great year for sledding. A huge dump of snow across much of the prairies in early November coupled with a global pandemic keeping people at home is the perfect recipe for spending quality time on some fresh powder.

There’s a lot that goes into buying a snowmobile trailer. We’ve talked about it before, but some of the big considerations include choosing between an open vs. enclosed trailer, steel vs. aluminum frame and heated vs. not. A lot of your decision-making will likely come down to budget, storage requirements, your vehicle’s towing capacity and where/how much you’ll use the trailer. If you’re looking for customization, our parts & service team can help you upgrade your trailer to fit your lifestyle.

What makes Diamond C Trailers different? | Flaman Trailers

Diamond C Trailers is a family-owned and operated trailer manufacturer located in Mt. Pleasant, Texas and has been manufacturing high quality trailers for 35 years. Flaman's Diamond C lineup includes utility trailers, hydraulic dump trailers and equipment and machinery flat deck trailers. But what makes Diamond C’s trailers different?