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Hitting the Road: Which Sled Trailer is Right for You?

The winter of 2020/2021 is shaping up to be a great year for sledding. A huge dump of snow across much of the prairies in early November coupled with a global pandemic keeping people at home is the perfect recipe for spending quality time on some fresh powder.

There’s a lot that goes into buying a snowmobile trailer. We’ve talked about it before, but some of the big considerations include choosing between an open vs. enclosed trailer, steel vs. aluminum frame and heated vs. not. A lot of your decision-making will likely come down to budget, storage requirements, your vehicle’s towing capacity and where/how much you’ll use the trailer. If you’re looking for customization, our parts & service team can help you upgrade your trailer to fit your lifestyle.

Enclosed Sled Trailers


Inline enclosed sled trailers are great for people with half-ton trucks who want to haul 3 sleds (or 2 sled with some extra storage). By parking one sled via the front ramp door and two in the main ramp, a 7’ or 7.5’ width inline is an ideal design for smaller trucks.

Pictured: Legend 7' x 21' Inline 3-Place Sled Trailer

Deck over/Highboy:

The deck over (aka highboy) is the perfect trailer for the serious sledder. Available in 8’ or 8.5’ width models, they’re designed to easily fit up to 4 sleds in, with heated and insulated models available. Keep in mind trailers this big typically require a ¾- or 1-ton truck to haul. They’re also built with higher clearance so you’re able to pull them in rough terrain or snowy conditions.

Pictured: High Country 22' Highboy 3-Place Sled Trailer

Lowboy/Car Hauler:

The lowboy toy or car hauler is designed with a lower deck with the clearance to fit a car, side-by-side (UTV) and other toys. Typically, these trailers are 8.5’ to accommodate space requirements. They’re also ideal for pulling sleds with a long track & skis, making it ideal for pulling mountains-ready sleds.

Pictured: ATC 8.5' x 24' Enclosed Car Hauler

Open Sled Trailers

Open deck sled trailers are much more economical than their enclosed counterparts. The argument of steel vs. aluminum frame comes into play here. Aluminum is lightweight while maintaining similar towing capacity and increased longevity, as it doesn’t rust or weather as quickly. However, if you’re looking for versatility beyond hauling snowmobiles or ATVs, steel is more economical as they typically cost less than an aluminum trailer would.

Pictured: Trailtech 8.5' x 12' 2-Place Open Sled Trailer


Winter Staycation Contest

If you previously weren’t aware, we’re giving away some awesome trailer accessories to make your sledding experience even better this winter. Things like tie downs, explorer sleds and wheel locks are up for grabs simply by liking our Facebook or Twitter page, liking the posts and tagging a friend. Our Winter Staycation contest is on now until mid-January, 2021. Visit our social pages for more information!