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Upgrading Your Trailer: 6 Parts & Accessories You Didn’t Know Flaman Carries

Trailer Parts & Accessories at Flaman

For the past 30 years, the name Flaman has become synonymous with “trailers” across Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba and for good reason. We are the largest trailer dealership network in Western Canada after all.

But we do more than just sell the trailers themselves.Flaman carries a full lineup of trailer parts and accessories. And we also have a full-service shop capable of repairing, maintaining, and upgrading your trailer. We decided to put together a list of just a few parts, accessories and services we offer that you may not have thought about when you purchased your trailer, or possibly ones that you should consider for your next trailer purchase.

1. Trailer floor protection

If you have an enclosed trailer, particularly sled trailers & car or toy haulers, you know protecting the floor of your trailer against wear and tear is easier said than done. Fortunately, we have products to help you with that.

Poly-bead flooring is durable and provides an extra layer of protection against scuffing and scraping. Super glides and grip glides are also available to protect your flooring from snowmobile carbides and help with traction when loading or unloading.

Contact your local Flaman store for more information and product availability.

2. Aftermarket upgrades

Whether your enclosed trailer is your mobile office, workshop or your winter getaway, making the most of your space is key. We have the upgrades to make your trailer work for you. We have cabinetry for extra storage or workstations for optimal functionality. Other awesome enhancements include shelves, helmet & tool hangers & more.

3. Trailer security

Trailer theft and break-ins are an all-too-common occurrence in towns and cities everywhere.Luckily, we offer a line of theft deterrent products to help protect against theft and break-ins.We have rust proof coupler locks, wheel chock locks, receiver locks and door locks available at your local store.

4. Tying down your load

On the topic of trailer safety, ensuring your load is secure and properly tied down is a top priority. D-rings are simple and effective. They make it easy to loop a ratchet strap, rope or bungee through. And we carry three options, depending on your preference: recessed (1,200 lbs weight capacity), welded D-rings (6,000 lbs) or swivel (6,000 lbs).

E-tracks are another simple, effective way to secure your load.Made of 12 gauge steel, e-tracks mount to the wall of your enclosed trailer and usually run the entire length, making it easy to hook a strap from any angle to secure even the most awkward loads.

5. Tow ropes & hitches

Tow ropes are better to have and not need than need and not have.We carry a couple of options that are perfect for tossing in your truck and hoping you never need to use.Our braided ropes are rated for towing capacity of 12,000-200,000 lbs capacity, depending on your need and use.We have a huge selection of flat ropes, available in 2”-12” widths, up to 50’ lengths and 200,000 lbs capacity.

How about hitches? We’ve got hitches. Lots of hitches. Everything from adjustable ball and quick slides to 5th wheel mounted hitches, we really are your trailer accessories headquarters.Oh, and we do installation at many of our locations so give us a call or stop by your local Flaman store for more info.

6. Cold Weather Wiring Package

Winter on the prairies ain’t always easy. This is especially true for those who frequently travel rural roads amid unpredictable weather conditions. We recommend protecting your trailer’s wiring from the elements by having it rewired to better handle the harsh prairie winter conditions.Our skilled technicians enclosed much of the wiring to better protect against wear and tear caused by snow, and ice.This is particularly important for trailers manufactured outside of Canada, which are not typically built with the Canadian climate in mind.

To inquire about wiring packages, contact your local Flaman Trailers store.To see a full list of available trailer service and repair options, click here.


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