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SK Snowmobile Registration Changes

The Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association reminded riders last week that effective November 1, 2015 snowmobile registrations have changed to coincide with the snowmobile season, which is July 1st - June 30th as defined in The Snowmobile Regulations.
This was done to ensure the proper snowmobile registration fees were being collected.  Prior to this change, some snowmobile owners paid the snowmobile registration fee once but the snowmobile registration spanned over two riding seasons.  This change will close that loophole.
Please be advised that you may still pick any expiry date for your snowmobile registration, but the registration term cannot extend past June 30th of any given year.  For example, you could register your snowmobile from November 1st to April 15th.
All snowmobiles must be registered and the operator licensed before being driven on public land (i.e. roads (where allowed), ditches, other highway rights of way, provincial parks, Crown land, designated snowmobile trails, rivers or lakes).  And, to clarify, registration is not required to drive on privately-owned land if permission is granted by the owner/tenant.
And on a side note, although an ATV cannot be registered, it must be insured with a $200,000 liability policy before it can be operated in public areas.
For more information and a link to the “Snowmobile Act” go here
The guide from SGI called “Snowmobiling in Saskatchewan” is here