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Ag Transports and Trailers

The ag industry never sits still. Something's always moving, whether it's sprayers and spray chemicals, combines, swathers, or the headers that help you get the best yield from your crop.

If it needs to get somewhere, Flaman has the ag transport or trailer to get it there quickly, safely, and with as little inconvenience as possible. Fewer trips to and from your field save you time and money. Having everything you need at hand allows you to make the most of the time you're saving.

Sprayer Transport trailers Sprayer Transport trailers

When you have a big crop to spray in a limited amount of time, our sprayer trailers and sprayer transport trailers save you several trips back and forth between your home yard and fields.

Long, wide, and built with heavy-duty I-beam construction, these flat-deck and split-level units are available as open decks or outfitted with top-brand, large-volume, high-capacity tanks for your chemical and water spraying. Our outfitted decks are designed with plenty of extra room for safe tote storage of extra nozzles, smaller chemicals, fuel, personal protection equipment (PPE), diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), tools and more.

Flaman Trailers offers solid trailers from top brands like Behnke and Trailtech. We also have our own line of sprayer trailers, designed with your needs in mind. Both our ST-9100 and ST-9200 Water and Chemical Sprayer Trailers offer two heavy-duty, fertilizer-grade tanks with stainless steel lids. A convenient valve system makes it easy to switch between your front and back tanks.

These units also offer a high-capacity Chem Handler 13HP pump on deck with chemical mixing line. The 9200 features an extra 1,680 US gallon/6,400 L Chembine hot tank. Everything’s mounted on a 53’ Behnke lowboy transport trailer with 80,000 lbs GVWR and your choice of spring or air-ride suspension.

Other features include both-side access to a solid-steel tote cage, under-deck fill station, and stow-away step. A heavy-duty fill arm takes the weight of our fast-flowing 3” hoses off your shoulders. Hinge-lock access allows you to swing it out smoothly and safely to fill your sprayer.

You can take your sprayer along for the ride with sprayer trailer/ag transport models like the Trailtech HC220 or our Flaman ST-9400. Features can include extra-wide carrying beds, removable beds, drive-over fenders, and your choice of fifth-wheel or pintle hitch.

Park-the-field sprayer filling isn’t the only service our line of sprayer trailers can provide. Our Flaman Hot Water Pressure Washer Trailer can blast the grime off your heaviest equipment with its 300 imperial gallon tank capacity. A 4,000 PSI triplex pump delivers high pressure cleaning power at the flow rate of 4 gallons per minute. We also offer hot water pressure washer trailers with attached heating units.

Combine Trailers Combine Trailers

Whether you’re a custom harvester or a farm equipment dealer, you know the transport trailer that carries your combine is as important an investment as the combine itself. That’s especially true today, when yield-focused technology has greatly increased the value and size of your machinery. So, when you’re hauling from a dealership to a farm or between custom combining jobs that can span two countries, every mile needs to be as safe, secure, and smooth as possible. That’s why Flaman offers Trailtech combine trailers – ordered direct from the factory. They’re designed to meet today’s combine transport needs with advanced mobility, durability, and serviceability.

Load up. All models feature heavy-duty structural tubing crossmembers and dual-wheel axles rated at 22,500 lbs. The CT220PH, CT220TT, and FH220 models offer 12” I-beam construction over double axles. The versatile and economical CT3200 tri-axle trailer is specifically designed to transport both combines and tractors with its T1 Fabricated Beam mainframe. You can opt for a level load carrying bed (like the CT220s) or removable drive-over fenders. The FH220 comes with a drive-over, single-drop bed.

Get moving. Trailtech Trailers are designed to meet your combine delivery deadlines or tight harvest schedule safely. The Trailtech CT220TT Combine trailer features a torque tube fifth-wheel hitch. This patented wide-neck hitch design allows you to position your combine forward – properly balancing its load weight between your tow vehicle and trailer. Standard features like LED Lights and a rub rail with stake pockets keep your trailer visible and your load contained while you’re rolling. Air brakes and an anti-lock braking system bring you to a safe stop.

Built with maintenance in mind. TrailTech Trailer parts are well made, easy to find and conveniently accessible during maintenance. The company provides its own basic trailer maintenance schedule , but Flaman’s expert Trailtech service is always available to keep your trailer or fleet of trailers rolling safely and efficiently.

Header/Swather Transport Trailers Header/Swather Transport Trailers

Different crops. Different conditions. Different headers. As a pro golfer can change clubs for different situations, experienced producers can change their combine headers to maximize yield and grain quality. Of course, you’ll need something a lot bigger and sturdier to safely transport or store different straight-cut headers or your swather. Flaman offers a variety of secure, well-built, payload-specific header and swather transports from the expert designers and fabricators at Trailtech.

These trailers are designed for ease of use, mobility, and durability – whether you're moving your equipment around the farm or between fields that could be miles apart. Every model is built to last with a solid structural tubing mainframe, heavy-duty axles, and road-ready 15” or 16” tires. A bolt-on top-crank jack allows for quick, easy hitching. Most models offer optional electric brakes to make every stop smoother and safer.

Transporting a single rigid header to a level, wide-open field? The SR6000HT can take it there with 8” x 6” tubing, dual-pad header brackets in front and rear, and your choice of spring or rubber-ride suspension. If you’re looking to transport a draper, flex, corn, or pick-up header, the SR18000T offers a full-carry bed with electric brakes and front steering axle as standard equipment.

Need to carry two headers? The Trailtech DR21000 makes light work of it with innovative hydraulic folding technology. It’s all mounted on the DR21000’s heavy-duty main-frame tubing and 7000 lb. Triple axle.

Finally, when you need to move your swather, Trailtech’s ST2000 gets the job done with a full-carry bed, adjustable ramps, and a 7,000 lb. Tandem axle. Flaman Trailers offers a selection of header and swather transports available to you via factory order. Our trailer experts can help you find the best option for your grain operation. We back up our top-brand inventory with certified after-sale trailer service. Call or visit your nearest Flaman location to learn more.

Where to Buy Ag Transports and Trailers

With a network of 10 dealerships across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, Flaman Trailers offers Western Canada’s largest trailer selection. Ask our ag transport experts about the options that can meet your sprayer, combine, header, or swather transport requirements. We offer several models through factory order, and our certified trailer service professionals are ready to keep them performing at their best.