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Utility Trailers Buying Guide

Utility trailers are a popular choice for several reasons. Their open decks are easy to load and unload when you go camping, off-roading, or even antique furniture shopping.

Aluminum construction and fewer working parts make these trailers lighter, saving you gas money on those long trips. They're less expensive than steel trailers, and you can also use them to make money with a business like landscaping or lawn care. Last but not least, they can hook up to any vehicle with a trailer hitch.

Flaman Trailers' selection includes single and tandem-axle general utility trailers, plus snowmobile trailers and ATV/UTV Haulers from Aluma. This leading manufacturer has over 30 years of experience and a reputation for safety, efficiency, and durability. Crafted from rust-resistant aluminum, these trailers provide years of dependable, lightweight hauling.

Open Sled trailers Open Sled trailers

Why opt for an open sled trailer? For one thing, they're lighter than enclosed trailers, so you'll get more mileage between fill-ups. It's easier to move an empty one by hand, especially if it's made of aluminum. Several models are long and wide enough to carry two or four snowmobiles, which means you and a friend can ride together. Not only does this allow you to split paying for gas, you'll also have more time to visit on your way to the snow.

It's easier to keep an eye on your sleds and the road behind you. If you see a loose tie-down strap or something else that needs adjusting, the walk to fix it is quick – no climbing up and in or turning lights on. Also, open sled trailers have features like tie-down bars, track mats, and water-resistant trailer decking. All of which can be very handy once you take your ATV or quad out to where the mud is.

Flaman Trailers offers aluminum and steel-frame flat-deck trailers from manufacturers like Aluma and Trailtech. Every one is designed to keep your investment in winter fun safe and secure.

The Aluma 8612 Snowmobile trailer is a good example. Its single 2200 lb. torsion axle can take two sleds for a smoother ride than they'd get on spring style suspension. It also requires less maintenance, which is a bonus when the life of your trailer is prolonged by rust and rot-resistent all-aluminum construction.

The 8612's slip-proof polybed mezz decking material is also made to last for many trips to come. Other features include full-length capture track rails, a lightweight and maneuverable slide-out ramp, and five-year warranty. A Flaman trailer expert can tell you more about more features and options of this and other trailers in our open sled deck line.

Motorcycle Trailers Motorcycle Trailers

The motorcycle world's divided into two types of people – those who chose to ride their bike everywhere and those who want to use a trailer and keep their bike in great shape for a long, long time.

If you're one of the latter, Flaman Trailers offers a wide selection of new and used utility trailers that are perfect for motorcycle loading, hauling, and unloading. Our inventory includes steel-frame models made by manufacturers like Trailtech and Squirrel Creek and aluminum trailers from Aluma and Timpte.

Various models include features like bi-fold tailgates, tilt decks, deckover (highboy) decks, removable aluminum fenders, drop-down stabilizer jacks, stake pockets, safety chains, pull-out ramps, rail sides, and front rails. Our service department can add features like wheel chocks and rock guards to create your own customized motorcycle hauler.

We can also order directly from our manufacturers, if you'd like a popular model like the Aluma MC10. That single-place motorcycle trailer protects your bike from gravel and dust with a heavy-duty rock guard up front. Loading is as easy as riding up the MC10's wide pull-out ramp.

The MC1F, also available by special order, is a version of the MC10 that folds at the back. This feature allows it to be compactly stored in your garage standing on end.

If you have a regular motorcycling partner, you can order the Aluma MC210 and MC2F motorcycle trailers. These two-motorcycle versions of the MC10 and MC1F are designed to maintain perfect balance whether they're carrying one or two motorcycles.

ATV/UTV Hauler Trailers ATV/UTV Hauler Trailers

Taking an all-terrain vehicle out for some mud-flinging fun? Transporting your utility task vehicle to a jobsite past the end of the road? Even off-road vehicles can use a smooth ride, and Flaman Trailers has the ATV/UTV haulers to take them to and from the work or fun safely and securely.

Like the solid strength of steel? We offer steel and wood-deck models fof attractive, affordable and well-built trailers. Our inventory includes 5' x 10' units with features like ladder railings, full-width ramps, and 3,500 lb. axles.

If you prefer aluminum-built trailers that run lighter and are easy to clean, we have several models from Aluma. Over its three-decade history, the company has built a reputation for trailers that are lightweight but strong. With welds and material that won't rust or rot, you can wash your ATV or UTV right on the deck, which washes off easily afterwards.

In addition to models with ramps, Aluma also offers tilt decks for easily loading and unloading. The 8220H tilt deck trailer uses a hydraulic dampened cylinder that can be locked or unlocked with the pull of a pin. It's designed to ease your deck down gradually, so you never have to worry about the weight of your cargo crashing down on your frame.

And you can load a lot of weight. With 15" tires on tandem 5,200 lb. axles, the 8220H has a GVWR of 10,400 lbs. Your load is well illuminated by lights running the full length of the deck and well secured by D-links up front.

Steel Single-Axle Utility Trailers Steel Single-Axle Utility Trailers

Like the strength and durability of a steel-frame trailer? Do you usually travel light and tow lighter loads? Then a steel single-axle utility trailer may be the perfect solution for you.

Steel construction costs less than other materials, and a single-axle trailer is more affordable and needs less maintenance than a tandem trailer. You'll also need fewer tires, brake bearings, and other working parts, making it lighter as well. So, you also save on fuel. But economy isn't the only advantage.

Single-axle trailers are usually smaller and easier to maneuver. They react more quickly to the movement of your tow vehicle, making them better at following around sharper corners or into tighter spaces. With less weight pushing behind you, you'll also have less trouble braking.

So, a steel single-axle trailer can be the right way to go if you do lighter maintenance or landscaping work. They're also a cost-effective option if you transport fewer or lighter vehicles to shows or recreation trails. Another advantage is you won't need a bigger, more powerful, more expensive tow vehicle.

Flaman Trailers' selection of new and used units includes top models from Trailtech, like the Trailtech BD2-12' Trailer. This V-nose snowmobile/ATV option recreational trailer features a salt shield up front with stake pocket holders. The ramp flips down to make room for slide-out ramps.

You can also load and unload at the rear with a universal ramp that flips to accommodate ATVs and UTVs in the summer and snowmobiles in the winter. Its carbide plastic skins and locking mechanism ensure safe loading of two snowmobiles or quads on its open, wooden deck and single-axle rated for 2990 lbs. Other features include an under-deck spare tire, LED lighting, and rub rails all around.

Aluminum Single-Axle Utility Trailers Aluminum Single-Axle Utility Trailers

Lower weight. Lower cost. If you have a lighter load to carry, single-axle aluminum utility trailers can deliver your cargo and considerable savings, to boot.

All-aluminum construction and smaller size makes for a lighter tow than steel-frame trailers or tandem-axle aluminum models can provide. That means less fuel costs, but the single-axle means less tire and maintenance costs, as well. They're also easier to maneuver when you're backing into a tight space.

Flaman offers aluminum single-axles trailers from Aluma. You can choose from flat decks or beds with various models offering features like tilt rails, stake pockets, rock guards, and tilt decks for easy loading and unloading of vehicles. Some trailers come with rear ramps that fold to reduce wind drag when they're in the upright position.

Every model is made of high-strength aluminum, so they're ideal for transporting smaller vehicles like lawnmowers, quads, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and side-by-sides. These trailers are also great for moving landscaping material, tree branches, soil, and garbage.

Whether you're interested in work, play, or a little of each, Flaman has the aluminum single-axle utility trailer for you.

Steel Tandem-Axle Utility Trailers Steel Tandem-Axle Utility Trailers

Steel frame. Tandem-Axle. Plenty of towing advantages.

Both features mean more strength, but that's only the start of what they offer. Steel is less prone to dents when you're covering rough terrain. It's 100% recyclable, which is part of the reason that it usually costs less to manufacture than other materials.

Of course, a tandem-axle can support more weight than a single-axle, but they can also take bigger tires. This contributes to a smoother ride, more stability, and better braking because larger tires help your trailer slow down faster. All of this makes a big difference at highway speed on roads that can throw a lot of curves and bad weather at you.

Flaman's selection of steel tandem-axle trailers offers that strength and dependability for hauling ATVs, side-by-sides, sleds, and smaller equipment. It includes Trailtech's Boondocker series of trailers, designed to haul snowmobiles in the winter and ATVs in summer – all with the flipping of a reversible ramp. Other features include LED lighting, rubber-covered tie-down bars and durable decks made of treated wood.

The series offers the Model BD3 16' Deck Over Toy Hauler. With an 8.5' x 16' deck, two 3500 lb. axles, and a GVWR of 8050 lbs, it can carry three quads or sleds. You can bump that up to four on the 22” BD4 model. Both models feature electric braking, ST205/75R15 Load Range D tires, 4-leaf double eye suspension and kiln-dried Canadian spruce decks.

Aluminum Tandem-Axle Utility Trailers Aluminum Tandem-Axle Utility Trailers

Looking for more safety and stability in your utility trailer?

Aluminum tandem-axle trailers provide both. The extra axle provides more load capacity and puts more rubber on the road for added stability. That's good to have when you're traveling at highway speed or over roads that may not be in top condition. They also keep pace when your farm, personal, or business cargo loads start to get heavier.

Flaman offers some of the best from leading manufacturer Aluma. With all-aluminum welded construction, Aluma trailers are lightweight and rust resistant.

For example, the Aluma 7818R tandem-axle utility trailer's wheels, teardrop fenders, ramps, rear stabilizer jacks, floor, and A-framed tongue are aluminum. Other features include electric brakes, LED lighting package, breakaway kit, 1500lb swivel tongue jack, 2 5/16" ball coupler, six stake pockets, 4.5” 5-bolt hubs, and front and side retaining rails.

With all of that, the trailer itself has a GVWR of 7,000 lbs, and 5775 lbs of that is load capacity. It's just one of the light-but-strong Aluma models in our inventory or available through special order.

Call or visit your nearest Flaman Trailers dealer to learn more. If you need a utility trailer for a single day or weekend job, Flaman Rentals has 11 locations across the prairies.

Where to Buy Utility Trailers

With ten dealerships across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, Flaman Trailers is Western Canada's largest trailer dealer. It's your source for the Aluma utility trailer line, including single-axle and tandem-axle snowmobile, ATV/UTV, and general utility trailers. Call or visit your nearest Flaman location to see our inventory or to get expert advice on options, custom orders, financing, leasing and certified after-sale service.