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Flat Deck Trailers Buying Guide

To say Flaman has a wide selection of flat deck trailers is an understatement. From lowboy and highboy, to gooseneck, tilts, bumper pull and more – we've got the variety to exceed your needs. With options from Southland, Diamond C, Trailtech, Aluma and Behnke, you have choices from the best-built aluminum and steel flatbed equipment trailers around. Did we mention we also carry step-deck trailers?

We take your equipment hauling needs seriously, and our variety of sizes, makes and models speak for itself. Anything from a 16ft lowboy with 7,000 GVWR to a 44ft (or sometimes longer) gooseneck with 30,000 GVWR are on our lots for you to peruse. Flat deck trailer can be ordered in either single, tandem or tr-axle configurations, with plenty of choices spring ride or torsion axles (which come standard with our Trailtech products and require little maintenance).

At Flaman, we also know the importance to selling trailers that are built to thrive in our wild Canadian climate. While we have extremely well-built flatbeds from Diamond C and Aluma that are manufactured in the States, we also sell Trailtech (built in Saskatchewan) and Southland models (built in Alberta), which are tried and tested to thrive in all our unpredictable weather. Diamond C trailers are manufactured in-house with engineered I-beams to create the best strength-to-weight ratio in gooseneck trailers. You'll be able to haul heavier loads with the same size trailer. Our flat decks come with various ramp, suspension and configurations for the job you need. Southland flat deck lines offers a steel flat deck on spring suspension and tube framing, making it one of the only entry-level flat deck trailers built on a tube frame. If you're looking for a lighter option for hauling cars, our aluminum flat decks are a sharp choice.

Not to be forgotten are our truck beds, with models from Trailtech and CM Truck Beds. Built with tradesmen in mind, CM Truck Beds feature one-piece rear skirts, best-in-class tubular headache rack, and on the SK models, integrated toolboxes. Last but not least, we have our latest addition to our truck bed line up – Hillsboro. Options from this manufacturer include steel, hybrid steel/aluminum or all aluminum. Have some questions? Contact your Flaman Trailer dealer to chat with a member of our Sales Team to find your perfect flat deck hauler.

Flat Deck Steel Car Hauler trailers Flat Deck Steel Car Hauler trailers

A vehicle is an investment worth protecting and hauling properly, and a steel open car hauler can help. They're a reliable and economic way to get your trucks, toys, cars and other vehicles from point A to point B efficiently. Flaman sells steel frame car haulers that are built to last from trusted manufacturers like Diamond C, Oasis MFG and Trailtech. There's a variety of features with the different car haulers we carry, including rock shields, dove tails, ramps, tie-down rails, stake pockets and more to ensure the safe transport of your vehicles. Also designed for easy loading, you really can't go wrong with these options -even if they are a wee bit heavier than their aluminum counterparts. If looking for a smaller option, the Oasis lowboy car hauler may be the choice for you, with it's 18ft length, but we also have 20ft and 35ft options from Diamond C. If you'd like to learn more about your steel car hauler options, find your nearest Flaman and a member of our Sales Team is ready to answer your questions or help you order in a custom factory trailer.

Tilt-Deck Trailers Tilt-Deck Trailers

Tilt trailers are your best friend if you find yourself hauling vehicles, machinery, equipment or ATVs often. Their tilting deck, available at Flaman as full-tilt or partial-tilt options (also called an industrial tilt deck), allows for safer and easier loading and unloading. Our variety will impress, with steel and aluminum frame configurations, that feature hydraulic, electric or a combo tilting systems for you to choose from. Tilt deck trailers will save you fighting heavy ramps into place – just unlatch, tilt, load and tie down. You'll be safer, and more efficient, with a tilt deck at the ready.

Flaman sells tilt deck trailers from top-rated brands Trailtech, Diamond C and Legend, in various models and lengths, including a Diamond C 10ft by 77inch utility tilt trailer, great for smaller equipment. If you tend to haul larger equipment and require a larger option, our tilt deck lengths range all the way to 26ft, with gooseneck options. The majority of our larger tilt decks feature dual and triple torsion axles – this means less maintenance, making them a cost-efficient option.

While most of our tilting deck trailers are steel-framed, we do carry some aluminum models as well. These are an economic, light solution if you're going to be hauling lighter equipment or vehicles. The possibilities are endless with a versatile tilt deck trailer. Still thinking? Don't hesitate to call your nearest Flaman location to speak with a member of our Sales Team. They're happy to answer any questions or walk you through some options you have your eye on.

Truck Beds Truck Beds

If a truck bed is what you're looking for, you're in the right place. Flaman supplies an extensive lineup of steel and aluminum truck beds in a multitude of configurations and sizes to fit virtually any cab or chassis. From a steel flat bed, to a heavy-duty aluminum bed, a specialty option or a multifaceted service body – we have a solution for your needs. In addition, all of Flaman's truck beds come pre-wired, so you'll get on the road and back to work with minimal downtime. Our models from Trailtech, CM truck beds and Hillsboro are easily customized, durable, affordable and sure to impress. Chat with a member of our team about your options, or click to view in stock models below.

Ground Level Loading Trailers Ground Level Loading Trailers

For those who regularly haul heavy equipment, a ground level loading trailer is a smart choice. These trailers lower hydraulically directly onto the ground and remain level, removing the need for ramps or tilt beds, making them the safest loading options available on the market. Our models from Air-Tow Trailers are so simple to use, it's a one-man operation even with large equipment, no matter what type of weather our lovable Canadian atmosphere throws your way. Did we mention they lower and raise in under 30 seconds? You'll be on the road to your destination in no time at all. We carry Western Canada's best assortment of drop-deck, or level loading trailers, and we're happy to walk you through all your options.

Flat Deck Lowboy Bumper-pull Trailers Flat Deck Lowboy Bumper-pull Trailers

For all your construction, agriculture, commercial or even farm or acreage use, a lowboy flat deck trailer is the textbook choice for hauling heavy equipment and machinery. These heavy-duty steel frame, bumper pull flatbeds are easily loaded and unloaded, so you can get back on the road – or onto your next task – with little downtime. Our selection of sturdily crafted models range from 16' to 24' and up, and come from trusted manufacturers like Southland, Diamond C, Aluma, Trailtech, Legend, and Oasis Trailer Mfg Ltd. Their thorough testing and design process means you're getting the best lowboy trailers on the market, at an affordable price. If you're usure about what model suits your needs best, drop by your nearest Flaman and speak with a member of our team. They'd be happy to walk you through ramp options, tilt configurations and more. Or if you'd prefer, peruse through our videos below to get more details on lowboy models we carry.

Flat Deck Aluminum Car Haulers Trailers Flat Deck Aluminum Car Haulers Trailers

Durability, visibility, and affordability. Aluminum open deck trailers offer all three.

Made almost entirely of specially formulated aluminum alloys, they're light and strong. You can load more, tow with a lighter vehicle, and save on fuel costs. You'll also pay less for maintenance with a flexible alloy that's easier to repair and resistant to rust and corrosion.

Aluminum decks eliminate the potential for rot that you'll see with wood decks. You can wash off-road vehicles on the deck, enjoying better access to the mud that gets under your frame and fenders. Once you've unloaded, simply hose off the deck.

Flat deck trailers also provide more visibility than you'll have towing an enclosed trailer. You can see more of the road behind you, while keeping a sharper eye on your load. With less working parts, you'll see more money in your bank account, as well.

The experts at Flaman Trailers Alberta can show you more aluminum flat-deck trailer benefits from the Legend line. The Legend 7' x 18' Car Hauler Trailer, features extruded aluminum floor, tandem 3500 lb. Axles, 7,000 lb. GVWR, tube frame construction and slide-out ramps for easy loading and unloading of cars, ATVs, UTVs, and other vehicles.

The Legend 7' x 20' Tilting Car Hauler (TCH), raises its deck in the front and lowers it in the rear, creating an instant ramp. After loading, a dampened hydraulic cylinder and lockout valve (both standard equipment) gently lower the deck to the level position — then locks it there for safe towing.

Saskatchewan customers can find many of the same advantages in the Aluma Tandem Tilt Car Hauler. It features two low-maintenance 3500 lb. rubber torsion axles, extruded aluminum floor, electric brakes, and a control valve for safe deck descent. It's covered tip-to-tail by an all-inclusive five-year warranty.

Flat-Deck High-Boy Bumper-Pull Trailers Flat-Deck High-Boy Bumper-Pull Trailers

Make the most of your deck space. The combination of a highboy trailer and a bumper pull hitch can maximize your cargo space, save you money, and handle better.

Highboy trailers, AKA deck overs, raise your deck above your tires, creating one wide, flat, unobstructed platform. You don't have to arrange smaller cargo around your wheel wells. RVs, boats, and heavy equipment with wide, complex shapes are easier to load and tie down.

You can start your vacation sooner. Agricultural and construction businesses can save time and money loading and unloading. Forklift operators can load straight onto the deck and slip palates in under equipment that's wider at the top. Highboy trailers also have better clearance going into fields, construction sites, and other rough-terrain areas.

The bumper pull trailers are lighter than goose-neck or fifth-wheel trailers, allowing you to load more, tow with lighter vehicles, or both. In some cases, they can make the difference between having your load rated as commercial or non-commercial. With no hitch in your truck box, you'll have more cargo space. Just remember not to exceed your vehicle's towing capacity.

Bumper-pull trailers are great if you're new to towing. With a normal turning radius, they follow your tow vehicle more naturally and are easier to maneuver. This makes them a popular choice for vacationers who like to tow an ATV or “getting around vehicle” behind their motorhomes or SUVs.

Flaman Trailers' selection of Deck-over bumper-pull trailers are mounted on heavy-duty steel frames. Tandem-axle and tri-axle Models from Diamond C, Oasis, Southland, and TrailTech range from 16 to 32' in length and 8047 to 26250 lbs GVWR. Innovative features include the Southland HBAT7's wiring protected within its HSS tubing and the Diamond C DET207's electric/hydraulic full bed tilt.

Flat-Deck Gooseneck Equipment Trailers Flat-Deck Gooseneck Equipment Trailers

Heavy-duty equipment is a heavy investment. Gooseneck trailers are designed to protect yours, whether you're hauling it from field to field, between job sites, or cross-country – not to mention your own personal safety.

Named for the long, curved “neck” that reaches into your truck bed, goose necks distribute cargo weight over the trailer's rear axle. This allows the truck to pivot beneath the hitch, giving you a tighter turning radius. You'll also experience better balance and less sway on the highway with either light or heavy loads.

Goose neck trailers may cost more, but they pay for themselves. Maintenance costs are lower because the shape of the goose neck trailer makes key points easier to access and mechanics have more room to work. Last but not least, they can handle more weight, which translates to fewer trips and less fuel costs.

If that extra maneuverability, stability, and economy isn't enough, goose necks are harder to steal. Hooking up and fleeing quickly is extremely difficult and downright impossible for any thief without a gooseneck hitch in their truck bed.

Flaman offers new and used models measuring from 25 to 44' long. All offer innovative features to make loading, hauling, and unloading easier and safer.

For instance, the Southland ETGT features a one-piece engineered frame that extends the whole length of the trailer, providing superior durability. Convenience highlights include four side steps, full LED lighting, and chain trays and toolboxes up front to store your straps, binders, and chains. The heavy-duty rear beaver tail ramps are spring-assited for easy handling and user safety.

The Trailtech 40' H370 Gooseneck is another good example, with its torsion suspension and driver-side web winches. Meanwhile, the Diamond C FMax's "low highboy" option features recessed tire spaces under the deck, allowing for a lower load angle.

Where to Buy Flat Deck Trailers

As Western Canada's largest trailer dealer, Flaman trailers can help you find the best flat deck trailer for your hauling needs. Call or visit the nearest of our 10 dealerships across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Our trailer experts can show you the models we have in stock or discuss ordering direct from our manufacturers. Ask them about our financing or lease options, as well as our certified after-sale service offerings, including trailer customization.