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What to Buy? Our Enclosed Trailer Breakdown

Give your car, snowmobile, ATV, or other cargo the all-around protection and heavy-hauling advantages of an enclosed trailer. Choose from heavy-duty steel-frame trailers or lightweight but durable aluminum-frame trailers. We have large and small trailers for work or leisure.

Steel Frame Cargo trailers Steel Frame Cargo trailers

Have some heavy-duty hauling to do? Tap into the strength and affordability of Steel-Frame Cargo Trailers from Flaman. Flaman sets the standard for steel-frame enclosed trailer variety and quality. Our extensive new and used selection features top Canadian manufacturers, including Royal Cargo and CJay Trailers, as well as leading international brands like Alcom, Cross and RC Trailers.

Steel-frame trailers offer superior durability under heavy loads and are more resistant to dents. If your truck or car-hauling job exceeds two tons, steel construction provides the support and protection you'll need. Because steel costs less to manufacture, these trailers can make excellent economic sense.

You can buy or rent a trailer for any size of task. Our trailers measure from 5' to 8'6" wide and from 10' to 28' long. Styles include V-nose, flat nose, flat top, round top, highboy, lowboy, and deckover. Choose the trailer built for your load – and your unload - with rear ramp doors or barn doors and single or tandem axles.

Each unit provides hauling needs for work, hobbies, or leisure. We have car haulers for vehicle restoration and repair, cargo trailers for landscapers and contractors, and snowmobile, motorcycle, and ATV haulers for outdoor fun and adventure.

Flaman's selected trailers built for the long haul. Our manufacturers have included advanced rust and corrosion-resistant design features to extend your trailer's working life. These include satin coat protection and primed and painted frames. Some features like fully enclosed walls and one-piece aluminum roofs keep moisture out before it has a chance to cause any damage.

These innovations are backed by some of the industry's best warranties. Of course, these warranties keep you on the road with maintenance, inspection, and repairs. We also offer custom trailer builds. Options include roof racks, cabinets, heaters, windows, living quarters, and custom garage packages.

Aluminum Frame Cargo trailers Aluminum Frame Cargo trailers

Lightweight, low maintenance, and durable, aluminum enclosed trailers from Flaman make a strong case for being your light vehicle and cargo hauling solution. Made of aluminum alloys specially blended for strength and flexibility, our enclosed trailers can carry all but the heaviest loads and save you money doing it.

Our line includes excellent enclosed car trailer and cargo trailer models from top manufacturers like Alcom, Alcom XR, High Country, Legend, and ATC. We have trailers for work and play, so if you like your fun outdoors, we can set you up with the snowmobile, ATV, or motorcycle trailer to get you to the trails.

Yes, aluminum trailers can be flexible and strong at the same time. Their alloy tube and aluminum-welded construction gives them a high strength-to-weight ratio. Contractors and car haulers alike can rely on them to support heavier loads without heavier construction. Aluminum trailers can also resist rust, rot, and corrosion without treatment. That's a real plus if you haul on roads where your trailer is likely to get dirty or salty. Damage is limited to dents, which are easily repaired, due to aluminum's natural malleability.

Lighter-weight construction translates into greater fuel efficiency, so you'll save money at the pump. It also takes up less of your vehicle's total towing capacity, meaning you can load more tools or other extra cargo. If your hauling is generally light, you won't have to pay more for an extra-powerful vehicle.

Flaman offers a variety of aluminum enclosed trailers for sale or rent – from 6' X 10' cargo trailers to a 8.5' X 28' car hauler. All units are backed by factory warranties and Flaman's certified service, including maintenance, repairs, and inspections.

You can also custom order a specific build and choose the options for your aluminum enclosed trailer, including your choice of optional cabinets, heaters, roof racks, and windows. We can even build living quarters and custom garage packages.

Enclosed Sled Trailers Enclosed Sled Trailers

Flaman is Western Canada's leading enclosed trailer leader, and for good reason. Snowmobiling has progressed greatly, and not just in the quality of today's machines. Sledders are making longer hauls to find the perfect trails, leaving snowmobiles exposed to more risks. If you really value your quality machine, you want a trailer made to keep it safe, inside and out. Flaman's enclosed trailer line provides proven protection from weather damage, accidental spills, and even theft.

We offer top steel-frame and aluminum enclosed snowmobile trailers from leading manufacturers. These include Alcom, Alcom High Country, Alcom Xpress, Legends, Royal Cargo and RC Trailers. Choose from V-nose or flat, 2-place or 4-place, highboy or lowboy, in-line, deck-over, or ATV-and-motorcycle-ready toy hauler. Every model is designed to make your sled trip safe and enjoyable.

Standard features include torsion flex axles for a smooth ride, stone guards, spring-assisted rear ramp doors, grip glides for easy loading and unloading. Easy-access features include man doors and fuel doors for fueling machines without unloading them. Inside, you'll find sliding D-rings, LED lighting, water-resistant decks, and 2-way vents to maintain optimum air pressure, expel gas fumes and keep your trailer fresh.

Need help deciding? Flaman's knowledgeable, friendly, and customer-focused service is here to help. Tell our experts what you're hauling, and how far and how often you'll be travelling. They'll find the enclosed trailer solution that fits your plans, budget, and vehicle.

Like all Flaman trailers, your enclosed sled trailer is just a call away from our thorough, professional after-sale service. That includes repairs, inspections, and maintenance to keep you safe on your way to the trails. You can also custom order a steel or aluminum snowmobile trailer build.

Our technicians can install your choice of OEM and aftermarket parts and accessories, including cabinets, racks, tie downs, fold-up benches, stereo systems, helmet holders, and boot and glove warmers.

Car Hauler Trailers Car Hauler Trailers

Own a car, ATV, snowmobile, motorcycle, go cart, or other vehicle for racing, showing, or recreation? Give it the same protection on the road that you give it at home. An enclosed car hauler or toy hauler protects your investment from rain, snow, and mud during long hauls. Because those hauls often include overnight stays, you'll want to keep your cargo safe from theft and vandalism, as well.

Flaman's selection of enclosed car and toy haulers represents the work of respected brands like Alcom Xpress, ATC, Legend, RC Trailers, and Royal. We're proud to offer the best trailers from across North America, including trailers made in Alberta with an intimate knowledge of driving conditions on the Canadian prairies.

Our steel and aluminum-frame trailers offer construction features designed for durability. These include radial tires, precision welding, interlocking sections, and walls solidly welded to subframe and ceiling. Aluminum-frame trailers employ strong and resilient rectangular tubing in the frame, roof bows, tongue, and cross members. Our hand-picked manufacturers think of everything – right down to two-sided tape bonds to increase flexibility and eliminate reactions between different metals.

These trailers keep damaging moisture out with rivetless exteriors, one-piece roofs, extruded aluminum floors, and wall materials like waterproof OSB, Evantec finish, Vinyl, and Drymax. Our haulers offer a smooth ride and maneuverability with torsion-ride dual axles and extra-long tongues for sharp turns. They're also visually appealing, with kick plates, stainless steel door hardware, polished radius corners, divider strips, and upgraded interior lighting. Best of all, they take good care of their cargo. Our haulers feature D-rings for stability, room for fuel cans and tools, and ramp doors for easy loading and unloading.

The Flaman Trailers experts can help you find your ideal car or toy hauler. We back up every race car trailer, snowmobile trailer, motorcycle trailer, or ATV trailer we sell. Our certified after-sale service includes maintenance, repairs, and inspections. Ask about custom ordering your ideal trailer with your choice of options like cabinets, heaters, roof racks, and windows.

Refrigeration Trailers Refrigeration Trailers

If your business, event, or situation requires the transport and storage of perishable goods, a refrigerated cargo trailer keeps them fresh and safe for consumption or use. Also known as cooler trailers, chiller trailers, Refefer trailers, or freezer trailers, these models employ the same refrigeration unit technology used in long-haul trucks and railway freight cars.

Towed with a standard pickup truck, on-site portable cold storage extends the shelf life of beverages, meat, dairy products, and fruit. It can also prolong the viability of chemicals and vaccines. Other uses include:

  • Storage of excess Inventory
  • Chemical Manufacturing and supply
  • Agricultural storge for farms and ranches
  • Temporary cold storage during commercial kitchen remodels
  • Outdoor music festivals
  • Food fairs
  • Family reunions or other large group gatherings

Flaman is pleased to help our customers find refrigerated trailer options. Although we don't always have stock in our inventory, our local trailer specialists have the expertise and contacts to bring in specific models to suit your needs.

Ask us about the right trailer to promote local produce suppliers, reduce food waste, support our industries and events, and contribute to accessible community health care. We also offer certified after-sale service, including maintenance, repairs, and inspections.

Office Trailers Office Trailers

Does your office space move from place to place? A towable office trailer readily serves any business with frequently changing job sites.

You'll see site trailers at construction, waste management, and remote oilfield sites. They also serve as small-distribution office trailers, retail office spaces, portable healthcare offices, and medical labs. Schools have counted on the portable office alternative during expansion construction. Government agencies have used them as secure monitoring stations during emergencies like wildfires.

Wherever a temporary office or workspace solution is needed, job site trailers provide a cost-effective solution. As command centres, work areas, or even lunchrooms, you can count on their portability, fast deployment, and flexibility to help you get on with the job.

Flaman Trailers offers fully customizable mobile office trailers from top manufacturers like ATC, Cross, and Wells Cargo. You can choose from a variety of layouts. Available features include:

  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Plenty of windows for light
  • Drawing desks and storage
  • Lightweight tubing wall posts and roof cross members
  • Welded tubular frame
  • Moisture-proof interior materials
  • Thermostat, CO2 Detector, and Fire Extinguisher
  • Spring-assisted rear ramp doors
  • Torsion suspension
  • Electric brakes

If your business requires nimble site-to-site mobility, talk to a Flaman Trailers expert about your towable office trailer needs. We can show you what we have in our inventory, help you with custom orders and back everything up with after-sale service, including maintenance, repairs, and inspections.

Our selection ranges from car haulers to office/site trailers to snowmobile, ATV, and motorcycle trailers. Safe storage space for tools included. We can also supply refrigeration trailers.

Superior construction from top brands will keep your cargo secure and safe from rain, snow, and theft. They're all backed by Flaman Trailers expert trailer service and some of the best warranties available.

Where to Buy Enclosed Trailers

Flaman Trailers is Western Canada's largest trailer dealer. Our ten dealerships across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba sell and rent a full range of enclosed steel-frame and aluminum-frame trailers for vehicle, snowmobile, ATV, motorcycle and cargo hauling. We also offer office, jobsite and refrigeration trailer options.