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Flaman's Dump Trailer Guide

Light duty, medium duty, or heavy duty.

Which level of dump trailer best meets your work requirements? Our experts can help you zero in on your ideal lowboy or highboy (AKA deckover) with gooseneck or pintle hitch.

Flaman Trailers offers a wide variety of options with a full range of hauling capabilities to keep you on top of your home renovations, brush clearing or busy contracting schedule all year long.

Just bring our trailer experts your vehicle’s towing GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating – the total weight of your trailer plus its maximum load capacity). Then talk logistics – your budget, what you’re hauling, what kind of terrain you’ll be crossing, and other factors like tight turning space.

We can hook you up with the ideal trailer from our existing inventory or set up a speedy factory order. Our new and used selection includes the latest innovations from top manufacturers like Trailtech, Southland, and Diamond C. If you need a dump trailer for a single project, Flaman Rentals has you covered with high-quality, fully maintained units ready to tackle your job.

Here are a few examples of the dump trailer features and capabilities we offer. All models include slide-out ramps for loading wheeled equipment and roll-out tarps to secure materials like sand, gravel, or debris. Each trailer has a two-way tailgate that allows you to switch from a rear double door for easy dumping and a spreader gate for evenly distributing gravel or sand on roadways or pad sites.

Light Duty Dump trailers Light Duty Dump trailers

Light duty dump trailers are shorter, narrower and lighter with a GVWR between 8000 and 10,000 lbs.

They‘re ideal for the farmer, rancher, or homeowner looking to keep a yard or farmyard clean. These trailers are also great for contractors hauling lighter lawncare machinery or dumping debris, dirt, or mulch.

You can pull them with a light-duty pickup and get in and out of tight places with ease. They may be shorter, narrower, and lighter than bigger trailers, but they're just as tough.

For example, Flaman offers the Diamond C 8' x 60" Dump Trailer, with a GVWR of 6,000 lbs. It's part of the GST line of light-duty dump trailers, which feature a front-mounted, three-stage telescopic hoist designed to provide stability, strength, and an optimal dumping angle.

Low-profile I-beam design makes side-loading easier and extends the unit's durability. The dump body has 3" wide top rail and 3" deep dump-body uprights give it the strength to stand up to occasional bucket hits or loads of rocks or gravel.

Instead of side seams which can give rust a place to start, this trailer features a central-seam floor design. Unlike other similarly designed dump trailers on the market, the Diamond C does not just butt two metal sheets together. To prevent a spill gap from opening up, the company's trailers overlap the sheets for extra years of durability.

Medium Duty Dump trailers Medium Duty Dump trailers

Medium duty trailers often have a GVWR close to 12,000 lbs and are approximately 12 ft long and 82 inches wide.

They're easily towed by heavier half-ton trucks like the Dodge Ram 1500, the Chevrolet Silverado HD, the Ford F150, and the Toyota Tundra — as well as ¾ ton trucks. This makes them a great solution for light commercial use.

Mounted on two 5,200 lb. Axles (for 11,400 GVWR), The Southland SL610-12K hydraulic dump trailer is a top-quality example of a medium-duty trailer. Canadian-made, it can carry 8,885lbs in its 12' x 6' box. That sits atop a robust frame and tongue made of 6" x 2" HSS tubing.

With multi-leaf spring suspension and Equa-Flex equalization technology between the axles, it travels smoothly whether fully loaded or completely empty. Changing from full to empty is easy, thanks to a powerful scissor hoist running on a single hydraulic ram with only one seal to maintain. That's powered by a 12-volt deep cycle battery housed inside the lockable A-frame toolbox.

Heavy Duty Dump trailers Heavy Duty Dump trailers

Need to go big? Flaman carries several superior heavy-duty dump trailers with a 14,000 GVWR rating or higher. If you're in construction and have multiple contracts and jobsites, a heavy-duty trailer is a must-have for moving materials and equipment.

Trailtech, another Canadian manufacturer, meets a range of heavy-duty needs with it Dump Series — a line of big dump trailers designed to simplify hauling. You can easily use each model as a dump trailer or flat deck. They're all built strong enough to haul equipment like mini-excavators or skid-steers from site to site or carry and dump heavy loads of rock.

For instance, the Trailtech L370HD 16' Heavy Duty Dump Trailer has a 21,000 lb. GVWR distributed over three 7K axles with Dexter electric braking. Everything about this pintle-hitch model says, "heavy-duty", including the uni-body design of its cross members, its upgraded 10-gauge steel box, and its rugged checkerplate fenders.

Its ramp system can handle equipment weighing up to 12000 lbs, and its total load capacity tops out at 14,860 lbs That's lifted by a mighty 620T Champion scissor lift. Features include a dual 12K jack, LED lighting all around, adjustable coupler, and cam-lock barn doors on the back.

If you prefer, you can find many of the same features in the Trailtech 16" Gooseneck Dump Trailer, featuring Torflex Axles with electric brakes.

Where to Buy Dump Trailers

Whether you're cleaning up your jobsite or gravelling your driveway, Flaman sells and rents some of the best new and used dump trailers available. Bring your project details to any of our ten dealerships across Western Canada, and we'll hook you up. Visit an Alberta store in Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Edmonton, or Nisku. In Saskatchewan, check out our selection in Prince Albert, Moosomin, Yorkton, Southey, and Saskatoon. And we welcome Manitoba customers to our Swan River location.